Our story

Products for Every Life Stage

Enzymotec’s diverse range of products span the entire human life-cycle – from infancy to old age, providing key ingredients for use in infant formula and nutritional supplements, as well as branded medical foods. Our multi-disciplinary team, including scientists, engineers and business development professionals, have an outstanding track-record in turning advanced lipid science into commercially attractive, nutritional solutions, constantly enriching our unique cluster of technology and expertise.

Comprehensive, Clinically-Validated Solutions Based on Bio-functional, Lipid-based Compounds

We develop clinically-validated products including bio-functional, lipid-based compounds that address a wide spectrum of growing consumer demands, such as optimal development, supplementation for nutritional deficiencies and needs, and the management of medical disorders and diseases. The comprehensive solutions we develop and manufacture are sold to major consumer and pharma companies through our global sales and marketing infrastructure. We employ proprietary technologies to modify lipids harvested from natural sources, transforming these raw materials into unique and clinically-proven lipid based products. These products are familiar to the human body and possess beneficial secondary characteristics, such as extended shelf-life and improved scent and taste profile.

Our Competitive Advantage

Safe and clinically-proven products supported by proprietary technology and R&D expertise

Experienced leadership and scientific advisory boards

Diversified business model

Integrated scalable platform and product offering, based on state-of-the-art production capabilities

Strong customer relationships and partnerships

Our Story