AddiVance for Kids

AddiVance for Kids

AddiVance is a Comprehensive Behavioral Formula that Naturally Supports Focus and Cognition.

What is AddiVance for Kids?

About AddiVance

It is well known that prescription stimulant products commonly used to treat ADHD can cause appetite suppression and sleep deprivation. Long term studies show that regular use of stimulant medications can cause children to lag behind their peers in weight and experience nutritional deficiencies.
A number of studies have shown a correlation between behavior issues in children, including ADHD, and low blood serum levels of fatty acids (DHA, EPA) as well as trace metals like zinc, magnsium, and iron. When those nutrients were supplemented, blood levels increased and behavioral issues and focus improved. Incorporation of essential phospholipids and other vitamins in a nutrient supplement were designed to improve absorption of these critical and often depleted nutrients.

What Addivance is formulated to do

AddiVance is a bio-optimized dietary supplement designed to address dietary deficiencies common to maturing children who have behavioral disorders including those with ADHD like symptoms. To optimize the impact of AddiVance, for some children it may be best to eliminate or limit foods that can trigger behavior problems including those laden with sugar, synthetic food coloring and artificial flavors. Collateral to dietary modifications are the needs for adequate amounts of sleep and as well moderate exercise.