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Every life stage has its unique needs. That’s why Enzymotec’s diverse range of products span the entire human life cycle – from infancy to maturity, providing key ingredients for use in infant formula and nutritional supplements, as well as branded medical foods.

Infat closely mimics the composition, structure and nutritional value of natural fat in breast milk, for proper infant health, development and comfort.

SharpPS® harness Phosphatidylserine (PS), a clinically proven nutrient, to support and improve mind and body performance in children and adults of all ages Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a building block of our body’s cells

Vayacog™ is intended for the dietary management Early Memory Impairment. Vayacog™ contains Lipicogen™, a proprietary composition containing Phosphatidylserine-Omega-3 DHA* enriched. 

Vayarin™ is intended for the dietary management of Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Vayarin™ contains Lipirinen, a proprietary 

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries has a license agreement to sell Vaya Pharma products in Israel: Vayarol™ (Phyto-Guard), Vayarin™ (Zoom), and Vayacog™.

NoctoPlex is a sleep formula comprised of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients that was formulated to enhance the duration and quality of sleep.

LuciPlex is a comprehensive brain health formula comprised of a proprietary blend of natural ingredients formulated and clinically validated to improve memory.

NoctoPlex for Kids is a first-of-its-kind sleep formula designed specifically for children 5-17 years of age.

AddiVance is a Comprehensive Behavioral Formula that Naturally Supports Focus and Cognition.