FDA grants GRAS status to Enzymotec’s innovative brain health solution – SHARP●PS® GREEN

The novel, soy-allergen free, non GMO Phosphatidylserine product -Sharp-PS® GREEN by Enzymotec, has received GRAS status from the FDA.
This status allows the marketing and use of Sharp PS® Green in a wide selection of foods and beverages in the USA.

Sharp-PS ® GREEN is an innovative non GMO Phosphatidylserine, which is free of soy allergens. Further, it provides a green image due to the fact that the vegan biomass used as its raw material is not sourced from Brazil but rather from Eastern Europe, therefore, it reduces the products carbon footprint and is more environmentally conscious.

Sharp-PS ® GREEN is available in a wide range of applications such as
capsules, liquid formulas, powders and even in gummies.
Sharp PS® line of products are high purity phosphatidylserine (PS), developed and produced by Enzymotec under the highest quality and safety standards.

Phosphatidylserine is one of the body’s major building blocks. It is a natural nutrient found in the cell membrane and particularly abundant in the brain. Phosphatidylserine (PS) is one of the most researched ingredients shown to be potent for cognitive activity. In addition, it was
clinically shown to be beneficial for other functions such as stress, depression, skin and sports.

PS is the only cognitive bioactive ingredient that has been granted with a qualified health claim by the FDA, related to cognitive dysfunction and dementia in the elderly “Being the leading supplier of PS, Enzymotec is developing and providing second generation PS products such as Sharp PS® Green which is one of the most revolutionary, new products in the field of brain health.

Sharp PS Green is designed to offer solutions to several consumer trends and needs – it is free from soy allergens, non GMO and eco-friendly.” says Dr. Ariel Katz, President and Chief Executive Officer
of Enzymotec Ltd.

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