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January 2015

Enzymotec introduces a new website for its K•REAL® krill oil brand.

January 2015 – Enzymotec Ltd.

Enzymotec Ltd. one of the leading suppliers of krill oil, launches a new website for its K•REAL® krill oil brand ( The new website is user friendly and provides detailed information regarding K•REAL® krill oil unique benefits.


K•REAL® krill oil is manufactured through a specialized and proprietary technology called Multi Stage Oil extraction (MSO®) developed by Enzymotec. This technology assures high quality oil and superior organoleptic properties compared to other commercial available products.

Krill oil is extracted from Antarctic Krill, and is considered to be one of the best sources of omega 3 for our body. Enzymotec guarantees that all krill biomass used for the manufacturing of its KREAL® krill oil, is supplied only from vessels and facilities monitored by members of CCAMLR and are also certified by Friends of the Sea (FOS). Enzymotec uses only a negligible amount of krill, from the permitted harvesting quota approved by CCAMLR, for it krill oil products which are manufactured only for human consumption.

K•REAL® Krill oil has been clinically tested for the past decade and was found to be beneficial for our health. Krill oil was also clinically proven by Enzymotec to be more efficient than fish oil in increasing levels of omega 3 in our blood.

"The new website reflects on the efforts made by Enzymotec to continue leading the market by placing its krill oil line of products at the highest quality and technology standards. Further to the acceptable standard quality parameters that are used by oil manufacturers around the world, Enzymotec has voluntarily implemented strict quality indicators that are used in the fishery industry and which indicate freshness of the product." says Dr. Ariel Katz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Enzymotec Ltd.

About Enzymotec Ltd.

Enzymotec is a leading global supplier of specialty lipid-based products and solutions. The company develops, manufactures and markets innovative bio-active lipid ingredients, as well as final products, based on sophisticated processes and technologies.

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