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Enzymotec Nutrition segment develops and manufactures lipid-based ingredients. These biofunctional compounds are used for various applications such as infant formula, nutritional supplements and other dietary needs. Enzymotec's products are clinically validated and based on a set of proprietary technologies. Enzymotecs’ ingredients are sold to leading infant formula and nutritional supplement companies. We specialize in three fields, as follows:

Early Nutrition

Advanced Lipids is a joint venture of AAK and Enzymotec. Advanced Lipids manufactures and markets INFAT®, a specialized fat ingredient for infant formulas that has been proven in the market for more than a decade. Infat closely mimics the composition, structure and nutritional value of natural fat in breast milk, for proper infant health, development and comfort.

EnzyPS™ solutions: Brain, sport, calm, skin and mood

EnzyPS Solutions harness Phosphatidylserine (PS), a clinically proven nutrient, to support and improve mind and body performance in children and adults of all ages Phosphatidylserine (PS) is a building block of our body’s cells. It is responsible for communication between brain cells and helps preserve optimal hormonal balance. EnzyPS™ solutions: Brain, Sport, Skin, Calm and Mood


K·REAL® Krill oil - Premium omega 3

K•REAL® krill oil offers unique benefits unmatched by any other krill oil. It is produced using Enzymotec’s innovative MSO® technology, a proprietary process that results in the krill oil that meets the highest standards in both freshness and quality. The numerous benefits of MSO® technology, and the krill oil produced by this technology, include: REAL quality, REAL purity, REAL potency and REAL consistency.
















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