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General health

K•REAL® - K•REAL® is a family of solutions extracted from sustained Antarctic Krill (Euphausia Superba). It is comprised from a mixture of natural phospholipids conjugated to EPA DHA, astaxanthin and TG with EPA and DHA. K•REAL® by Enzymotec has been proven to be twice more effective than fish oil. K•REAL® is produced through a proprietary process (MSO®) providing the only krill oil that meets both freshness and quality standards.
Major K•REAL® grades:

• Pure K•REAL® - is exclusively extracted from Antarctic krill, containing naturally occurring omega 3 phospholipids and triglycerides and astaxanthin.

• High Potency K•REAL®- a next generation krill oil product providing the same amount of phospholipids and astaxanthin existing in pure krill oil, with more than double the levels of omega-3 in the same small capsule size.

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